Artist Talk: Industry of the Ordinary

April 17, 2013. 1-2:30pm. Free and open to the public.

Through sculpture, text, photography, video, sound and performance Industry of the Ordinary are dedicated to an exploration and celebration of the customary, the everyday, and the usual. Their emphasis is on challenging pejorative notions of the ordinary and, in doing so, moving beyond the quotidian.

Industry of the Ordinary were formed in 2003. Their first performance, Dropping 163 lbs: Daley Plaza, involved approximately 75 performers who dropped 163 lbs of white clothing on Daley Plaza in Chicago. 163 lbs is the average weight of an American adult.

Industry of the Ordinary is:
Adam Brooks is an artist, curator and educator.
Mathew Wilson is an artist and educator.

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Sponsored by The Humanities Center, The Depaul Honors Program, and the department of Art, Media and Design.