DePaul Theatre Union

The DePaul Theatre Union proudly presents, Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls. Winner of the prestigious 1999 Whiting Writers’ Award, Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls, by Naomi Iizuka follows the lives of eleven characters – strangers and friends; lovers and acquaintances. They collide in a fantastic picaresque featuring Komodo Dragons, hula dancing, a mummy, and one very large dog. All of them wander about in a zoo-like Chicago, segueing to Hawaii, Alaska and even Borneo as they search for connection and family in a world that Iizuka describes as “chaotic and a little bit random, and at times outright unfriendly.” During this odyssey, they ultimately grow into their own skin, evolving into improved incarnations of themselves.

Performances scheduled for:

Friday, March 30 – 7:00pm

Saturday, March 31 –  2pm and 7pm

Sunday, April 1 – 2pm