The Center for Mediocrity Launch & Talent Show

May 31 | 1-2 pm

In conjunction with the current BEVERLY FRESH: Really Somethin Else exhibition, DPAM presents the launch of the Center for Mediocrity. The Center for Mediocrity is a new research fellowship program co-sponsored by the DePaul Humanities Center and administered by artist and DePaul faculty member Matthew Girson. For more information go to

The launch will include a Less Than Extraordinary Talent Show and a series of impersonations of not famous people which might include: an impersonation of very happy  guy named Josh, ”the crook” (finger dance), impression of “Cuddles,” a dog who Cuddles when he sees Alex Trebek on television, some anti-jokes, non sequiturs, maybe an impression of a Berlin or Den Haag based graphic designer talking about bookbinding or the ghost of Terrence Mckenna at Whole Foods. The event will include opportunities for guests to present their own (less than) extraordinary talents and do impersonations (of not famous people). Refreshments will be served.