The Place of Memory: Video Art and Chicago

Thursday, February 23. 6pm

still from “Magic for Beginners” Jesse McLean,┬áVideo, 20 min, USA, 2010

A video screening about the memory of sites and architecture, evoking personal longing, loss, and aesthetic contemplation. Content of the videos includes a traveler’s internal monologue, a journey through a ghetto in Italy, a river in China accompanied by propaganda songs, fragmented memory of architectural icons, and the demolished and lost buildings of Louis Sullivan.

Curated by Chi Jang Yin, faculty in Art Media and Design at DePaul, in conjunction with Re:Chicago

Featuring video work by Jesse Bronaugh;* Ira Glass, Chris Ware and Tim Samuelson; Susy Giles;* Steve Harp;* Jesse McLean;* Steve Reinke; Deborah Stratman; and Chi Jang Yin.*

*Artists will be available on site for a Q&A after the screening.