Fires Will Burn: Politically Engaged Art from the Permanent Collection

July 10 – December 21

/ 2014

Drawing on DePaul’s own collection, this exhibition surveys a wide range of political expression, from a Diego Rivera painting of the Mexican Revolution through John Wilson’s searing Down by the Riverside, a suite of etchings about slavery, and Gerda Meyer Bernstein’s powerful installation The Justice Chair. Of particular interest is a seldom-seen portfolio of prints by Chicago artists protesting the Vietnam War.

Ink, Paper, Politics: WPA-Era Printmaking from the Needles Collection

September 11 – December 21

/ 2014

The Works Progress Administration gave federal financial support to a wide range of artistic projects during the Depression, from fiction to fine art.  Printmaking supported by the WPA is perhaps the one of most enduring interest: the design of the program itself, the political climate, and the very nature of the medium together produced a distinctive approach to style and subject matter, impressive technical innovations, and a surprising degree of social fluidity among artists around issues of race and gender.