Remembered City: Prints and Drawings by Tony Fitzpatrick

September 12 – November 26

/ 2003

The Remembered City, an exhibition on the art of Tony Fitzpatrick, a Chicago printmaker and poet. Fitzpatrick grew up on the city’s south side, and his imagery reflects the gritty surroundings of his childhood and the turbulence of his subsequent life. His prints, which layer images of brutality, whimsy, and hermetic meaning, often refer directly to Chicago.

Over the past several years Fitzpatrick has grouped some prints with Chicago subject matter into a series entitled The Remembered City. The exhibition also includes works from earlier series. These prints and drawings show readily identifiable subject matter, such as the Chicago Stockyards, and comment on social issues, such as the devastating effects of drug use. At the same time they incorporate images and motifs of closely observed urban life: weeds growing from cracks in sidewalks, or the crumbling texture of dilapidated houses.