The Andy Archetype: Works from the Permanent Collection

September 10 – December 20

/ 2015

Characterized by boldly colored, flattened, and decontextualized images, Andy Warhol’s ubiquitous style transforms mundane cultural subjects into venerated works of art. Iconic in its own right, Warhol’s distinctive approach to image making has become as pervasive and recognizable as his celebrity and commercial subjects. Often associated with consumerism, sexuality, and celebrity, elements of Warhol’s aesthetic have been employed by numerous artists to explore similar themes in their own work. The Andy Archetype brings together prints and photographs by Warhol and other pieces from the DePaul Art Museum’s permanent collection that engage with Warhol’s stylistic approach and choice of subject matter. An exercise in comparison, the juxtaposition of these works invites diverse readings of Warhol’s archetypal style as an expressive tool with its own symbolic connotations.

The Andy Archetype is curated by Amy Kellenberger, DePaul Class of 2015.